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Vladica Jovanović

Executive Director of Brodoto, Serbia

Vladica Jovanovic is the new Executive Director of Brodoto Serbia, a position she transitioned to after Propulsion Fund where she designed, developed and implemented multiple social impact campaigns and programs.

She worked with leading corporations and other key stakeholders in the Western Balkans in the past two years (Erste bank, Jelen Pivo, Social Impact Award, Resonant Voices Initiative, SBB, UN Women, etc). An expert in coaching, leadership development and project management, Vladica’s made her mark in in the civil society of the region ranging from international organizations like British Council to national and local organizations and initiatives like Catalyst Balkans, Civic Initiative and Serbia on the move.As crown to her community organizing and leadership development practices, Vladica served as the Teaching Fellow in 2016 for Harvard University's Executive Education Program - Leadership, organizing, action: Leading change.

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