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Shkelzen Marku

Co-founder & Managing Director of Yunus Social Business Balkans

He is also co-founder of the Foundation “Partnership for Development” and currently holds the position of the President of the PfD Foundation.

Dr. Marku owns a high level and extensive expertise and experience in design, implementation and management of development projects and programmes, economic policy formulation and advocacy.

Currently Dr. Marku is holding the duty of Country Director of the Yunus Social Business Albania and prior to that was Executive Director of the Mountain area Development Agency (MADA) during almost six years, managing various large rural development programmes financed by mainly IFAD, OFID, DFID, EU and Government of Albania. Previously he worked a Director General of Agriculture and Rural Development Policies in the Ministry of Agriculture in Albania. Also, Dr. Marku is a visiting professor at the Economic and Agribusiness Faculty of the Agriculture University of Tirana and at the Economic Faculty of the European University of Tirana

He has worked as a development and management consultant in many countries for numerous programmes and project funded by international donors (such as World Bank, IFAD, FAO, UNDP, DfID, etc.) in Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, Azerbaijan Armenia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lesotho, Zambia, etc.

He holds a PhD in rural economic development policies ( AUT, Albania), a Master of Science degree in management of rural development policies (in CIHEAM-IAM, Montpelier, France) and Agriculture Engineering Diploma (in CNEARC, Montpelier, France).

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