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Neven Marinović

President of Euclid Network and Executive Director of Smart Kolektiv, Serbia

Neven is the co-founder and executive director of Smart Kolektiv, a leading Serbian organization in the field of CSR and social entrepreneurship. He co-founded a number of social enterprises in Serbia, and was a driving force behind various international development initiatives that provide institutional and strategic support to social and young entrepreneurs in the Western Balkans.

Neven is also the director of the Responsible Business Forum – business network established with the aim to mainstream CSR in Serbia. Neven gained formal education at the department for production and management – Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade,  and informal  thru numerous education programs throughout Europe and USA including Harvard university course for non-profit management and leadership. Neven co-founded a number of social enterprises in Serbia, and was among the initiators of various programs that support social and young entrepreneurs ranging from incubators, training programs to financing schemes and advocacy coalitions.

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