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Marta-Patricia Aparicio y Montesinos

Business Angel, Strategic Consultant and European Commission Expert

Marta-Patricia Aparicio y Montesinos studied Business Administration at Universidad de Barcelona in Spain and holds a Global Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the IESE Business School.

Marta also works as Evaluator for the European Commission HORIZON 2020 Program and is a Seed & Venture Capital Funds Independent Evaluator.

Over the past eight years, her professional experience has been focused on angel investing within the venture capital industry as expert in angel investing an Investment Officer at the MIF, and as Manager of the Spanish Business Angel Association and IESE Business School Business Angel Network, awarded as the best European Network in 2012 by EBAN. While at the IESE Business School, she worked as researcher and facilitator of entrepreneurial activity in early stages of development and participated as a project analyst for FINAVES, the IESE’s Seed Capital Company, as well as for the European and Spanish Private Equity Awards 2006, 2007 and 2008.

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