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Marija Matovska

Social Business Manager at Mladiinfo International

She is National Coordinator of the international program Social Impact Award. She assists and mentors young people in conceptualizing their ideas for social business and supports them in development of their business models and business plans. Marija is co-founder of the Youth Council of the American Embassy. In the past, she has been working as a marketing agent in and as project coordinator in Health Education and Research Association- H.E.R.A. Marija holds a Master's degree in E-business Management. Beside her dedication to social entrepreneurship, marketing and business, she is also passionate about human rights, especially concerning sexual and reproductive health and the rights of people with disability. Because of this Marija is part of few organizations and informal initiatives, such as Inclusive solutions, Trisomija 21- Skopje and Vo mojot svet.

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