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Lenka Puh

President at Etri skupnost

With a mission is to optimize work processes and lower costs, Lenka, a consultant certified by the German Quality Office in the field of ergonomics, has started to advise on workplace health with an emphasis on building inclusive employment. She is a project manager experienced in designing projects targeted at the employment of vulnerable groups, sustainable development and greener workplaces, distinguished by their innovative approach. Since 1992, she has carried out over 100 various projects.

In 2013, Lenka has won the Unicredit Foundation Prize for the Etri station project that collected materials for reuse and created new workplaces for people with disabilities. In 2014, she was accepted as an honorary members of Slovenian Innovators as the first social innovator and received a special recognition from the Slovenian Social Responsibility Network as the most promising entrepreneurial practice for Etri green franchise.

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