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Dinko Novoselec

Former CEO of AZ pension fund

Dinko Novoselec is one of the most experienced fund managers in Croatia with an impeccable track record. Until recently, he was the CEO of the AZ pension fund, the largest Croatian non-bank FI.

Under Dinko’s leadership the fund won a 40% market share & defended it for 15 years, while annually delivering 6% net return on the pensions & a net yield of 24% to its shareholders (best Croatian performer in the class)

He was pivotal in numerous PIPE-like deals where the fund took significant minority block positions in Croatian companies (Podravka, Luka Rijeka, Imperijal Rab, Koncar, Ilirija etc.) and thereafter guiding their governance

Previously he served as a board member in ZBI, the leading regional mutual fund manager of ZABA where he was the portfolio manager, and was also the bond portfolio manager / broker in the Croatian central bank (HNB)

Dinko successfully led numerous projects, initiatives & teams, and as such has a golden rolodex of FI, governmental and corporate network connections in Croatia, Slovenia & wider

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