The Agenda

Get to know our list of activities for each day.

8:30 TO 9:30

Reception and Registration

Get your accreditation and a pack of goodies

9:30 TO 10:00


Short and sweet introduction to two days of inspiring talks and discussions, with an overview of Impact Conference long-term goals

Vladica Jovanović, Brodoto
Teo Petricevic, ACT Group

10:00 TO 10:30

Keynote: Impact Investing - the power of socially good investment

Why is impact investing the future of all investing and what makes it a superior form of investment

David Batstone, Just Business (USA)

10:30 TO 12:00

Panel: Impact investing and big money

How do venture capital funds look at impact investing trends and challenges, and what and how supporting organizations and impact entrepreneurs relate and respond to them, from their own shoes

Carmen Palafox, MiLa Capital (USA)
Luciano Balbo, Oltre Venture (ITA)
Sana Kapadia, Spring (CAN)
Harry Humphreys, ClearlySo (GBR)
Mona Shah, Harry Specters (GBR)
Moderator: Ewa Konczal, EVPA (POL)

12:00 TO 12:30

Coffee and networking

Drink some coffee or tea, hydrate, say hello to some friends and mingle with some strangers

12:30 TO 13:45

Parallel sessions

I Regional funds for impact investing

A deeper look in regional impact funds and what it takes to get investment - regional stakeholders and entrepreneurs pitch in their two cents on the topic

Nikola Stefanović, SEAF (SRB)
Vesna Bajsanski-Agić, Mozaik Foundation (BIH)
Neven Marinović, SMART Kolektiv (SRB)
Srdja Ivekovic, FeelsGoodImpact Fund (CRO)
MBQ (ROM) - tbc
Moderator: Sanja Zivkovic, ACT Group (CRO)

II Beyond CSR - regional models and going the extra mile

What corporations are doing and what they can do beyond the status quo to meet the bigger impact

Moderator: Ivana Stancic, SMART Kolektiv (SRB)

13:40 TO 14:45


Get your energy boost, discuss your thoughts from the sessions, catch up on your e-mails (if you really have to)

14:45 TO 16:15

Ecosystem building for impact investing

It takes a (global) village to develop a truly enabling environment for development and growth of impact investing ecosystem. We are taking a look into different practices and trends and how we can apply them to SEE and CEE ecosystems

Daniel Sorrosal, FEBEA (FRA)
Mark Norbury, Ultd/GSEN (GBR)
Raphaelle Sebag, GSG, Impact Invest Lab France (FRA)
Filipe Almeida, Portugal Social Innovation (POR)
Silvia Manca, EIF (LUX)
Nikica Marinković, Box System (SRB)
Moderator: EFSE - tbc

16:15 TO 16:30

Short break

16:30 TO 17:45

Impact ventures pitch

Carmen Palafox, MiLA Capital (USA)
NIkola Stefanović, SEAF (SRB)
Luciano Balbo, Oltre Venture (ITA)
Sana Kapadia, Spring (CAN)
Sasha Bezuhanova, MoveBg (BUG)
Zoran Puljić, Mozaik Foundation (BIH)
Srđa Iveković, FeelsGood Impact Fund (CRO)

17:45 TO 18:00

Wrap up for Day I

9:00 TO 9:30

Reception and Registration

9:30 TO 10:00

Keynote: Managing impact - the crucial task at hand

Money flowing in, operations and businesses flourishing and pushing impactful solutions - how do we manage it to ensure the impact is achieved and its sustainable?

Jeremy Nicholls, Social Value International, Impact Management Project (GBR)

10:00 TO 11:30

Panel: Trends and challenges in impact measurement

The world is changing - whoever you are you need to measure the impact you are creating. We take a look at different approaches - how do investors, social businesses, corporations, non-profits see it and do it

Jaan Aps, Estonian Social Enterprise Network (EST)
Tatiana Burmistrova, Reach for Change (RUS)
Pawel Nizinski, B corp Europe (POL)
Filippo Montesi, Human Foundation (ITA) - tbc
Anna Schneeberger, Economy for Common Good (AUT) - tbc
Moderator: Zoran Puljić, Mozaik Foundation (BIH)

11:30 TO 12:00

Coffee and networking

Have a coffee or just mingle and meet people who are changing the world

12:00 TO 13:30

Panel: Impact Management trends and challenges

Are there differences between for-profit and non-for-profit impact management? What are the challenges and what are the success stories?

Simona Simulyte, ChangeMakers'ON (LIT)
Kevin Goldberg, GROUPE SOS (FRA)
John Kearns, PARTAS (IRL)
Sreten Vranic, Erste banka Serbia (SRB) - tbc
Shkelzen Marku, Yunus Social Business (ALB) - tbc
Moderator: Goran Jeras, ZEF (CRO)

13:30 TO 14:30


14:30 TO 15:45

Parallel panel sessions

We move to three different spaces for more in depth discussions on social impact investing and how are we fueling it in the fields of climate and agriculture, children and education and women and entrepreneurship

I Climate and agriculture

Harry Humphreys, ClearlySo (GBR)
Kamil Szydlowski, InnoEnergy (POL)
Lalit Gautam, Sensegrass (FRA)
UNDP (SRB) - tbc
Lalit Gautam, Sensegrass (FRA)
IKEA / Patagonia - tbc
Hajdana Rukavina, ZEZ (CRO) - tbc
Moderator: Marko Gregovic, Brodoto (CRO)

II Children and education

Annica Johansson, Reach for Change (SWE)
Guillaume van Gaver, Tele2 (NLD)
Stoyana Stoeva, Social Tea House (BUG)
UNICEF - tbc
Neil McLean, Social Enterprise Academy (GBR) - tbc
Nenad Bakić, IRIM - Croatian Makers (GBR) - tbc
Jelena Đoković, Novak Đoković Foundation (SRB) - tbc
Moderator: Marija Mazic, Reach for Change (CRO)

III Women and entrepreneurship

Carmen Pallafox, MiLa Capital (USA)
Unicredit (SRB)
Irma Zulic, Fondacija 787 (BIH)
Marijana Savić, Bagel Bagel (SRB) - tbc
Sasha Bezuhanova, Move.BG (BUG) - tbc
Moderator: Bistra Kumbaroska, Heartbeats Innovation & Communication (MAC)

15:45 TO 16:00

Short break

16:00 TO 17:15

Pitch: Finalists of Best Nonprofit Campaign Competition

Who are the best campaigns from the region? What are overall winners in all the categories? It's time to find out. Ignite format: 5 minutes, 20 slides

17:15 to 17:30

Closing Ceremony


Why should you be here?

This is the only conference of its kind in SE Europe. But that's not the only reason to attend.


Number one rule of Impact 2018: no boredom. 20 minute presentations; 45 minute panels; 5 minute pitches!


Companies need nonprofits. Social enterprises need investors. Everyone that you need to meet will probably be here.


We hate conferences where you can't approach the speakers. We are making sure that all speakers are available for questions.

Carbon minimal

Special gifts for everyone arriving sustainably (bicycle / train / tram).


Every participant will receive a bag of goodies provided by our sponsors and partners.

Stay in Touch

All registered participants will get access to the contact database with all the participants (that approved this).

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